Introduced in Version 1.4. After you completed your first bounty and collected the first Pet reward. Certain pets can also help you complete some skill based bounties. They also assist you by providing an extra source of damage and when up graded provide passive buffs or increase uses of some skills. Read on the pets to find which one suits your play style best.

Each pet's damage is based off your weapons' level. Each pet also has 5 levels of upgrade.

To obtain a pet you need 10 shards.

  • Rank 1 costs 10 shards.
  • Rank 2 costs 20 shards.
  • Rank 3 costs 40 shards.
  • Rank 4 costs 80 shards.
  • Rank 5 costs 160 shards.

As of 11/28/2016 there are a total of 14 pets: