Perks are a vital part of Nonstop Knight. They are randomized and allow your knight to progress far faster depending on what you get.

Basic Perks

Below are some common examples of basic perks found on gear.

  • +damage% (+17% damage)
  • +armor% (+40% armor)
  • +attack speed% (+10% attack speed)
  • +dodge% (+9% dodge chance)
  • +crit chance% (+4% critical chance)
  • +crit damage% (+91% critical damage)
  • +damage% after skill (+19% damage after skill)
  • +armor% after skill (+18% armor)
  • +attack speed% after skill (+10% attack speed after skill)
  • +damage% after getting hit (+7% damage after getting hit)
  • +armor% after getting hit (+5% armor after getting hit)
  • +attack speed% after getting hit (+8% attack speed after getting hit)
  • +damage% at low health(+27% damage at low health)
  • +armor% at low health (+40% armor at low health)
  • +attack speed% at low health (+20% attack speed at low health)

3-star Perks

3-star items have a variety of unique perks.