Multikill Great
Legendary Multikill

Multikilling a feature in the game, obtainable by killing 3 or more enemies "at the same time"*

*It can actually just be obtained by killing 3 or more enemies with the same attack/skill.

Multikilling contributes to the achievement Skillster, which requires you to kill enemies through multikills (on a pr. kill basis) an amount of times, based on the star-level.

Blurts Edit

When successfully achieving a multikill, a blurt will pop up on the upper half of your screen, congratulating you on getting a multikill and informing you of how many enemies you killed. Here's the order in which they appear:

  • Nice! - 3 enemies killed at once
  • Great! - 4 enemies killed at once
  • Excellent! - 5 enemies killed at once
  • Awesome! - 6 enemies killed at once
  • Spectacular! - 7 enemies killed at once
  • Extraordinary! - 8 enemies killed at once
  • Unbelievable! - 9 enemies killed at once
  • Legendary! - 10 enemies killed at once
  • Legendary! - 11 enemies killed at once
  • Legendary! - 12 enemies killed at once
  • Legendary! - 13 enemies killed at once
  • Legendary! - 14 enemies killed at once
  • (please add to the list if you discover any blurts not on the list)

After 10 multi-kills blurts are Legendary. I have a legendary for 16.

Tips Edit

  • With the skill Whirl, you are easily able to get a multikill by using Whirl while running towards the enemy instead of using it when you're standing still. The momentum from the run will create a running Whirl, which works like a piercing straight-line attack. Works well with the Shield Rune. Keep in mind that Whirl doesn't do a lot of damage, so for this to work effectively, you might have to ascend a couple times and increase your attack with tokens.
  • Using Leap is also an easy way to get Multikills, as its range is rather large and because it's an AoE-ish attack. This skill also has a rather high damage output, so ascending is not necessary for this to begin working, although ascending definitely helps when you get into the higher levels.
  • Another way of getting MultiKills is to use skill combinations on higher levels. A Void + Whirl (or any skill with splash or multi hit effect) can produce Multikills against minions of higher levels/resistance.