Is unlocked at Floor 150

The Magma Chest is unlocked when you reach level 150, and will have a drop chance at any boss fight afterwards.


  • The Grande (☆☆☆ Weapon) - "Gain massive splash damage" Adds 80% Splash damage, which combined with the base splash damage of 20% grants full damage to all enemies hit by the splash.
  • The Baron (☆☆☆ Armor) - "Gain teleporting ability"
  • Mole Hammer (☆☆ Weapon)
  • Magma Hammer (☆☆ Weapon)
  • Horned Plate (☆☆ Armor)
  • Rugged Cloak (☆☆ Cloak))

Here's a short video showcasing the extreme power of the Magma weapon and cloak together: The combo is called infinite frenzy!