Here are some tips to remember before you start playing Nonstop Knight.

  1. Always connect to the internet, cause you'll receive better rewards from purple chest that drops from monsters that will force you to watch an ad to open the chest. regular rewards will only give you gold, while this reward gives you either tons of gold, xp bonus, tokens, revive potion or a frenzy potion. also, check the shop every 3 hours to get the same bonus for free by watching an ad (it cost 10 gems without internet)
  2. Choose if you want to be a Physical Knight or Skill Knight and stick with it, if you balance both, it will slow down your progress. for example, i chose Physical Knight, so all i need to do is upgrade the weapon and armor only, and choose the ones that will benefit my stats, also that would help me with choosing which token upgrades i need. also research on those legendaries you want.
  3. Best way to earn lots of gold is Purple Chest drops, cause in the long run monster gold drops wont cut it, when your equipment is over-powered. cause this chests will give you rewards that scales based on the most expensive (from upgrading) equipment you got. so i recommend to upgrade your weapon as high as you can, that way you can 1-shot monsters and increase the chance of getting more purple chests.
  4. Sales! Sales! Sales! don't just go buy stuff, wait for 50% sales. it'll help a lot. though i recommend tokens with 50% off. tokens bought increases with "token gain" upgrades.