Cloak ItemsEdit

Cloaks increase the amount of damage the knight's abilities deal. All cloaks at the same level will always have the same ability damage. You will always begin the game and each Ascension with the "Old Cloak," which has no perks.

Common CloaksEdit

Common cloaks drop most commonly in the early parts of the dungeon and have one perk.

Chest Name
Wooden Chest Mended Cape
Earthy Cape
Flower Cloak
Grey Cape
Bronze Chest Shaded Mantle
Feral Cape
Silver Chest Scary Mantle

Rare Cloaks Edit

Rare cloaks generally start appearing around floor 60, and have 2 randomly generated perks. The vast majority of cloaks fall into this category.

Chest Name
Bronze Chest Ruby Cape
Starry Cloth
Silver Chest Leafy Cloak
Azure Cape
Venom Cloak
Fisherman Chest Sentry Cloak
Swamp Chest Moldy Robe
Frosty Chest Aurora Cape
Trickster Chest Dusty Mantle
Daily Cape
Magma Chest Rugged Cloak
Mammoth Chest Furry Cape
Sabretooth Cloth
Spooky Chest Jester's Cape
Worn Raincoat
Christmas Chest Rattling Cloak
Joyful Cloak
Deadmau5 Chest Electro Cloak

Legendary Cloaks Edit

Legendary cloaks, much like rare cloaks, drop with 2 randomly generated perks. However, in addition they also have one perk that will always drop with that cloak. These perks are powerful and are not usually taken into account when estimating your readiness for the next boss.

Chest Name Unique Perk
Fisherman Chest The Emperor Double damage at full HP
Swamp Chest The Treehugger Gain instant revive against bosses
Frosty Chest The Snowflake Multikills reset cooldowns
Magma Chest The Baron Gain teleporting ability
Spooky Chest The Dragonscale Gain faster attack speed for allies

Perks Edit

Every cloak shares a pool of perks that are randomly chosen from upon finding a new cloak. The possible perks are below and do NOT affect the displayed ability damage in your cloak list. A bracket indicates that a number is randomly selected from within the given range, with generally higher values at later floors based on when the chest was dropped. "After skill" perks will stack with multiple skills, however the duration of any prior instances are NOT refreshed with a new skill.

  • +[13-29]% damage
  • +[13-20]% damage after skill
  • +[10-44]% armor
  • +[16-24]% armor after skill
  • +[5-9]% dodge chance
  • +[6-30]% attack speed
  • +[9-14]% attack speed after skill
  • +[2-3]% critical hit chance
  • +[26-148]% critical hit damage

Note: These values were NOT datamined from the game, and are simply based on player experience. Actual ranges may vary.