Chests Edit

Chests are dropped by every Boss that is defeated by the knight, and will contain a new piece of equipment for the knight. Chests can be sorted into 3 categories;

Basic Chests Edit

Basic chests are unlocked early on in the game and contain at best rare (two star) items. While there are a lot of different items, the perks are all randomly generated regardless of the item name, so swap freely to get the best ones.

Chest Floor to Unlock Weapons Armor Cloaks
Wooden Chest 1 4 4 4
Bronze Chest 12 4 4 4
Silver Chest 25 4 4 4

Special Chests Edit

Special chests start to drop after clearing a certain floor for the first time. Once unlocked they can potentially be found after any defeated Boss. Special chests also begin to drop Legendary (3 star) items with unique perks that will always be on the item.

Chest Floor Legendary Items Weapons Armor Cloaks
Fisherman Chest 30 The Goldie, The Emperor 3 1 2
Swamp Chest 55 The Spike, The Treehugger 1 3 2
Frosty Chest 85 The Freezer, The Snowflake 2 2 2
Trickster Chest 125 The Summoner, The Protector 2 2 2
Magma Chest 150 The Grande, The Baron 3 1 2
Mammoth Chest 200 The Knocker, The Beast 2 2 2
Spooky Chest 250 The Nightmare, The Dragonscale 2 1 3
Tribal Chest 300 The Leech, The Mojo 2 2 2
Legionnaire Chest 350 The Sureshot, The Legionnaire 2 3 1
Winged Chest 400 The Karma, 2 2 2

Event Chests Edit

Event chests can only be unlocked during limited time events. They can either be unlocked for free just by playing, or by collecting preset bounties within a certain time frame. Once an event chest is unlocked, it will continue to drop, even after the event ends. Below are listed all known Event chests, however the list may be incomplete due to chests that are not unlocked not being added to the in game list at all.

Chest How to Unlock Legendary Items Weapons Armor Cloaks
Christmas Chest Only available during seasonal events. (Even if unlocked previously) None 2 2 2
Deadmau5 Chest Complete the 3 given bounties during the event The Mau5head 1 1 1
Halloween Chest Only available during seasonal events. (Even if unlocked previously) None 1 1 1